unet API

Package Description
org.arl.unet UnetStack core messages, parameters and classes.
org.arl.unet.addr Address allocation and resolution interface and agents.
org.arl.unet.bb Baseband service interface.
org.arl.unet.link Link interface and agents.
org.arl.unet.mac Medium access control (MAC) interface and agents.
org.arl.unet.mac.aloha Aloha-style MAC protocols.
org.arl.unet.mac.maca MACA protocol.
org.arl.unet.net Multi-hop routing interface and agents.
org.arl.unet.nodeinfo Node information interface and agents.
org.arl.unet.phy Physical layer interface definition.
org.arl.unet.phy.janus JANUS support classes (experimental).
org.arl.unet.remote Remote node control interface and agents.
org.arl.unet.sim Network and channel simulator.
org.arl.unet.sim.channels Network simluator channel models.
org.arl.unet.state Agent state manager.
org.arl.unet.transport End-to-end data transport interface and agents.
org.arl.unet.utils Utility classes.