Node Information


NODE_INFO – Node information service

Agents offering the Node Information service manage and maintain a node’s attributes such as address, location, speed etc. They support a set of parameters that are explained below.


  • NodeInfo – provides a repository for node information

Requests and Responses

Request Possible Responses Description
ParameterReq ParameterRsp Get/set/list parameters


Parameter r/w Description
address rw Node address (1 byte)
nodeName rw Node name
location rw Node location ([x, y, z] meters)
speed rw Node speed (meters/second)
heading rw Node heading (degrees, 0 is North, clockwise)
turnRate rw Node turn rate (degrees/second, positive clockwise)
diveRate rw Node dive rate (meters/second)
mobility rw true if the node is mobile, false if it is static


Notification Topic Description
ParamChangeNtf default Notification about the modified address
ParamChangeNtf PARAMCHANGE Notification about the modified parameter


Network time synchronization related functionality of this service is yet to be fully defined.