Remote Access


REMOTE – Remote access service

Agents offering the Remote service provide control over remote nodes. They support a set of messages and parameters that are explained below.


Requests and Responses

Request Possible Responses Description
RemoteGetParamReq AGREE, FAILURE Request to get parameter(s) from a remote node
RemoteSetParamReq AGREE, FAILURE Request to set parameter(s) of a remote node
RemoteScriptReq AGREE, FAILURE Request to execute a script on a remote node
RemoteTextReq AGREE, FAILURE Request to send text message to remote node
RemoteFilePutReq AGREE, FAILURE Request to transfer file to remote node
RemoteFileGetReq AGREE, FAILURE Request to retreive file from remote node
ParameterReq ParameterRsp Get/set/list local parameters


Notification Topic Description
RemoteParamNtf default Notification of remote get/set parameter(s)
RemoteScriptNtf default Notification of start of remote script execution
RemoteTextNtf default Notification of text message from remote node
RemoteFileNtf default Notification of completion of file transfer from remote node
ParamChangeNtf PARAMCHANGE Notification about the modified parameter


Parameter r/w Description
pendingCount rw Number of pending remote requests
reliability rw Reliability setting of remote datagrams