The Underwater Networks Project
Latest release: UnetStack 3.4.4

UnetStack is a collection of technologies to extend communication networks underwater


Community edition

Free (non-commercial use)
Design, develop & simulate underwater networks

Commercial edition

License (commercial use)
Use UnetStack in commercial deployments

OEM edition

License (OEM)
Make UnetStack a part of your product!


Frequently Asked Questions about
UnetStack, bundled agents, editions & licensing


Unet framework, basic/premium agents,
software-defined modem, network simulator, IDE


Need modems with UnetStack inside?


Download UnetStack community edition


OS X / Linux (x86_64) / Windows*
Java 8 runtime environment
Chrome 61+ / Firefox 60+ / Safari 10.1+
PortAudio** (on OS X and Linux)


[ UnetStack 3.4.4 community edition ]
Start experimenting with your
underwater networks today!

Terms of Use

UnetStack community edition may be freely used only for academic teaching and research purposes
(commercial use requires licensing)

* Unet audio is currently not supported on the Windows platform
** Only required for Unet audio


Everything you ever need to know about UnetStack3

UnetStack 3.4.0 javadoc

UnetStack programmer's reference
(archived: v3.0.2 javadoc, v3.1.0 javadoc, v3.2.0 javadoc, v3.3.0 javadoc)

Unet handbook

Learn to design, simulate and deploy underwater networks with UnetStack3

Video tutorials

Prefer to watch rather than read?

fjåge javadoc

fjåge programmer's reference

fjåge developer's guide

UnetStack is based on the
fjåge agent-based framework

Language APIs

Groovy, Java, Python,
Javascript, Julia, C